Join Kurá Hulanda’s Sneak Preview

Kurá Hulanda is a hidden gem between the St. Annabaai shoreline and the main roads of Otrobanda. It is a friendly space for pedestrians, which makes it a unique place for leisure, spontaneity and genuine local experiences. The local real-estate developers of BMG Asset Management BV want to breathe new life into the Otrobanda district. MENTE has joined up with them to help filter the best businesses for this delightful inner-city neighborhood.

Their slogan is ‘ban bario bèk’ as they aim to open up and diversify the former Kurá Hulanda Village and Spa. The former hotel is no longer operational. To not let the prime cultural heritage site deteriorate, the local investors decided to work together and revive this part of town. The space will transform from its previous function as a neighborhood hotel to a place for living and leisure, and it will also contain medium-sized lots for retail, cultural venues and office spaces. BMG Asset Management b.v. aims to turn Kurá Hulanda back into a real bario, a future inner-city neighborhood for young and old, wild and tame, tourists and digital nomads. For this purpose, they are organizing a sneak preview on the 7th of April.

MENTE is supporting BMG Asset Management BV in the development of new concepts such as this sneak preview to find the right mix for this neighborhood. We will provide an open-ended design process to the development of this future neighborhood. We are looking for entrepreneurs that are able to raise the bar on the Curaçao’s business and cultural menu.

If you are interested in attending Kurá Hulanda’s first event please fill in our survey. Click here.